• Brand Origins

    · Rainmr Pet, created from a deep passion for the love of pets.

    · Crafting each pet product with care, focusing on real needs to provide quality products for pets.

  • '$100 Program'

    · This program aims to boost brand awareness and collect authentic customer feedback. Please refer to the ‘FAQs’ below for more details, or contact us directly if you have any inquiries.

FAQs -About '$100 Program'

Who can take part in the '$100 program'?

  • Anyone who successfully purchases a dog bed from our official website and shares their real usage experience on social media can participate in this program.

Which social media platforms are included in this program?

  • You can share your experience in the form of videos or pictures on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Are there any other requirements to participate in this program?

  • You need to include our specified hashtag when posting your content. You can simply copy it from here:
  • #rainmr#rainmrpet#dogbed#bigdog#bigdogbed

After completing the share, how will I get the $100?

  • You can reach out to us through the 'contact us' option. Send us the link to your shared video or photo, along with your order number. Our team will verify it and process a $100 return to you through your order within 7 days.

Why are you holding this promotion? Won't offering $100 for each social media post shared lead to a financial loss for your company?

Yes, each $100 payout does involve some loss for us. However, this campaign is a brand promotion aimed at increasing awareness of our new brand and allowing more people to experience our high-quality products, building trust in our brand. We have a specific promotional budget for this activity, and once it's exceeded, we will stop the campaign.

Do I have to post a video endorsing your product to receive the $100?

We don't have strict requirements for your video content; we just hope you'll present and review our product truthfully and objectively. Of course, we'd be happy to see that your dog enjoys our dog bed in your share. If you think there are areas where our product needs improvement, feel free to share that too. We'll seriously consider it and look for ways to improve.

What led to your decision to offer $100 to each person who shares their experience?

As a new brand without established brand influence, we are just a team aiming to provide quality products. To break into the market, raise awareness, and gain trust and preference from customers, as well as to quickly receive genuine feedback to continuously improve our products and services, we need to motivate customers to share their experiences. Paying for these shares is the most straightforward way to achieve this.

What should I do if I have more questions about this program or your brand?

  • You can contact us via the email rainmr@hotmail.com. We will respond promptly to your email with a satisfactory answer.
  • Alternatively, you can click 'contact us' and submit your question directly, and we will also reply to your inquiry as soon as possible

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